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Campus Start-up Cup - Student Accelerator

CSC - Student Accelerator is a yearly competition program that takes place over a three-month period, specifically targeting aspiring university students, giving the opportunity to gain valuable insights into how entrepreneurs start their very own companies and the unique mindsets that often accompanies a successful venture to fulfill their technological and entrepreneurial potential.


The Program

Engaging lectures
One on One
Hands-on projects
Best practices 

Let's solve the world's biggest challenges


Why should you apply for the

CSC - Student Accelerator?

The program will provide you with a range of skills to explore and a range of opportunities to test your business idea. After completing the program you will gain entrepreneurial  and employability skills to be more competitive in the industry.

Students will be ready to apply to early stage funding and to apply for local and international acceleration programs. This is a great and unique opportunity for students to develop their innovative and creative ideas further and be ready to take their own start-ups to the next level. 


Who can apply?

  • Arab students from all educational backgrounds

  • Arab students from different universities and colleges

  • Arab students who are interested and are passionate in exploring innovative and unique entrepreneurship opportunities

  • Arab students who are looking to gain entrepreneurial skills 


How to apply?


Students are invited to form teams of 2-4


Fill the application form

*Individuals who cannot form a team but are interested in joining the program, should join Hasoub Facebook community to find others individuals who are looking to form teams

Application Process

Submit Your Application

Applications Reviewed

Successful Applicants Notified!



Participate in an international entrepreneurship conference, where the winning groups can pitch their ideas in front of hundreds of different investors from different countries around the world.



One from the following:

  •   $1K Prototyping grant

  •   $1K website design 

  •   $1K Logo and branding

  •   $5K/$10K Cloud credit



Pitch event - winning groups will pitch to a panel of investors who are interested in early stage startups


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Community Partners

If you need more information regarding the program, registration or if you have more inquiries please contact us:


Aseel Idilbi Campus Director - Technion


Mobile: 050-7534432