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Creating Solutions that Address the Unique Needs of Individuals with Disabilities

The vision of the Abilities Program is to create solutions that cater to the specific needs of individuals with disabilities. Participants from diverse fields have joined, including industrial designers, doctors, occupational therapists, mechanical engineers, physiotherapists, and more. Alongside them are individuals with disabilities who have joined as team members, offering insights into needs that require solutions. In other words, they are our "Need-Knowers."

The Abilities Community: Who Are We?


The Hasoub Abilities community is formed by individuals who take on distinct yet important roles, all connected by a shared vision and driven by enthusiasm. Allow us to introduce our "Need-Knowers," Makers, and Operational Volunteers.

Need Knowers

The Need-Knowers of the Abilities program are the individuals who come to articulate a need for a project. Each need-knower shares their experiences of living with a disability, actively participating with the teams, and enabling us to identify specific needs. Through their involvement, we advocate for a more inclusive community, emphasizing the significance of integrating people with disabilities into both work and social spheres within the Arab community.


The Abilities community at Hasoub consists of individuals who thoughtfully develop concepts and ideas, working diligently throughout the program to bring each project to fruition. This group comprises brilliant individuals with diverse professional and academic backgrounds, including industrial designers, doctors, occupational therapists, mechanical engineers, physiotherapists, and more. Carefully selected for their expertise, we take pride in their exceptional dedication, creativity, and hardworking nature.


The Abilities volunteers are a group of talented individuals who assume significant roles using their knowledge, skills, and expertise. They take on a variety of roles as dictated by the program dynamics. We sincerely appreciate their efforts, whether it's tackling logistical tasks, managing social media, organizing spaces, or handling any other necessary responsibilities.

What is Tom?

TOM is a nonprofit initiative based on global communities that aims to promote an inclusive and empathetic society. By creating technological solutions, TOM improves the lives of individuals facing unmet needs, including people with disabilities and the elderly. All solutions are documented and published on TOM’s digital platform in an open-source format, allowing for their production in any workshop, anytime, anywhere.


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