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Join our comprehensive Data Analysis program and acquire the skills needed to unlock the power of data. In this program, we’ll equip you with practical knowledge and tools to extract insights, make informed decisions, and thrive in various industries.


47 meetings
twice a week
3 hours per meeting


Hybrid (mostly online with occasional in-person sessions)



Mentorship and Job Assistance

Benefit from mentorship and guidance throughout the program, and receive assistance in finding job opportunities in the data analysis field.


Data Analysis HR

  • Introduction to BI and data analysis

  • Python Programming and Python packages 

  • DB: SQL, NoSQL

  • Analysis and Exploration of the data using python

  • Intro to AI and AI tools relevant to BI and data exploration

  • BI – KPI's and visualization

  • Big Data & Cloud in a nutshell 

Module 1 - Python (Hours)

Lecture (hours):

  • Python shell and working environments: PyCharm, Colab Notebook

  • Data types

  • Variables

  • Conditions

  • Loops and program controls

  • Functions and Lambda expressions

  • Collections: lists, sets, tuples and dictionaries

  • Strings and regular expressions

  • Comprehension 

  • Modules and packages

  • Python standard library

  • Error handling

  • Debugging

Training (hours):

  • Each of the above subjects will be trained by an example 

  • There will be 2 or 3 programing projects

Module 2 – Excel

Lecture (hours):

  • Excel basics 

  • Conditions

  • Lookups and other data retrieval functions 

  • Pivots

  • What if analysis

Module 3 – Data sources, Database and ETL ( Hours)

Lecture (hours):

  • Structed vs. Unstructured data 

  • Relational DB

  • SQL principles: Basic select statements, Filtering and sorting the results Scalar Functions, Group Functions, join methods, Sub Queries, Add, modify, remove data from a table, creating new tables

  • MySQL

  • Non-relational database: NoSQL

  • Files handling in Python

  • Working with CSV files

  • Working with JSON files

  • MongoDB

  • Elasticsearch

  • Neo4j

  • Temporal data

Training (hours):

  • Loading and manipulating data from CSV file

  • Loading and manipulating data from JSON file

  • Connecting to MySQL tables and retrieve data using SQL queries: Variables, Conditions & Loops, Using Cursors, Error Handling, using Stored Procedures, Using Functions

  • Connecting to MongoDB and retrieve data using NoSQL queries

  • Using ElasticSearch

  • Using Neo4j

  • Integrating data from 2 resources: MySQL and MongoDB into unified Pandas dataframe

  • Integrating data from 2 resources: MongoDB and ElasticSearch into unified Pandas dataframe

  • Integrating data from 2 resources: MySQL and Neo4j into unified Pandas dataframe

  • Retrieve data from the web into a dataframe

Module 4 – Data Visualization and Data Preparation (Hours)

Lecture (hours):

  • Know your data

  • Basic Statistical Descriptions of Data

  • Types of Data Sets

  • Attribute data types (Nominal , Binary, Ordinal, Numeric Discrete and  Continuous Etc.)

  • Cleaning the data

  • Data completion

  • Data normalization and scaling

  • NumPy library

  • Pandas

  • DataPrep , Pandas Profiling, SweetViz

  • Matplotlib and Seaborn, bokeh libraries

  • Data representation types: Scatters, pie, column diagram

  • streamlit

  • Data Story telling

Training (hours):

  • Data representation types: Scatters, pie, column diagram

  • Data cleaning and completion

Module 5 – Tablau BI and KPI (Hours)

Lecture (hours):

  • The ETL process

  • Datawarehouse 

  • Datawarehouse design Snowflake and star

  • OLAP 

  • BI 3 Layers: ETL, Analysis and Visualization

  • KPI

  • Dashboards

  • Aggregative functions

  • Reporting 

  • Tableau


  • Planning dashboard in Tableau

  • Using different pivots to find insights

  • Implementing ETL of 3 different data resources with Tableau

  • Implementing visualization with Tableau

Module 6 – extras – big data, ml and AI()


Unlock the power of data with our Data Analysis Program! Whether you're a beginner or looking to sharpen your skills, this is your chance to dive into the world of data. Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your career. Apply now and take the next step towards your future!


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