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Where Vision Meets Expertise

Embark on a Journey of Entrepreneurial Synergy

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1-2 of March 2024 (Friday & Saturday)

Welcome to our Co-Founder Matchmaking Hackathon, where aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals unite to transform innovative ideas into startup realities. Partnering with expert HR teams, we facilitate a unique co-founder matchmaking process, guiding you through a journey from the spark of an idea to laying the foundation of your own startup. Join us for a transformative two-day event that culminates in our exclusive Pre-Acceleration program, designed to propel your newly founded venture to the next level."

Fostering Success Through Synergy

Facilitate the formation of robust co-founder partnerships for launching and scaling successful ventures.

Cultivate a diverse environment where varied perspectives drive innovation.

Provide continuous guidance and tools to newly formed co-founder teams, ensuring sustainable development.

For Whom





and Tech Seniors



Calling all dreamers, innovators, and future change-makers! Whether you're an entrepreneur with a groundbreaking idea or a seasoned professional in tech, finance, law, or business, this Hackathon is your launchpad. Dive into an immersive experience designed for individuals ready to explore the entrepreneurial journey and eager to find the perfect co-founder to bring visions to life.

Hackathon Agenda:

A Blend of Inspiration and Practicality

1-2 of March 2024 (Friday & Saturday)


Ideation, Team Formation, and Initial Planning


Development, Pitch Preparation, and Presentation

***Networking lunches and mentor-led coffee breaks throughout the event.

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Registration closed

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