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    HASOUB ON CAMPUS Hasoub's programs and activities for Arab students inside university campuses. Where we help to empower them with the entrepreneurial spirit, knowledge, and skills they need to thrive as entrepreneurs and technologists. HASOUB CAMPUS CHAPTERS: Our infrastructure inside the campuses, wherein each campus we have a team of volunteers managing the community, running the events and coordinating our OnCampus projects. STUDENTS CAREER PROGRAM: Partnering with different organization and entities to help students from our campus communities to find proper employment in the tech industry. Main community segment: Arab students, year 2+ who are seeking jobs in the hi-tech industry. ​ CAMPUS STARTUP CUP: A year-long cross-campus program in the form of a competition, including talks, hackathons, mentoring, boot camp and a pitching night. Main community segment: Arab students, year 2+ who has ideas for technological innovation and want to know how to pursue them HASOUB IN TOWN "Change happens from within", that's why in this project we're focusing on building communities around tech-innovation inside Arab towns and villages. We believe that empowering these communities will help them create the sustainable economic and social change Hasoub is seeking. HASOUB GARAGE An innovation and technology center and coworking space for Arab entrepreneurs and technologists, located in Wadi-Ara. (converting a 100 years old building in Arara to a garage) STARTUP SCHOOL: Meetups, sessions, workshops and courses around tech-entrepreneurship inside Arab towns and villages. Main community segment: Young people (18-35) interested in developing and pursuing technological innovative ideas but lack the knowledge/skills/resources to do so. A program aiming to expose ANGEL INVESTORS PROGRAM: business men and women from the Arab society to the hi-tech investments. Done in partnership with an academic partner (university) and an industry partner (venture capital fund). Main community segment: Second generation members of family businesses.

  • CSC 2021 | hasoub

    Registration is open for 2021 program Registration Open About Hasoub Campus Start-up Cup - Student Accelerator CSC - Student Accelerator is a yearly competition program that takes place over a three-month period, specifically targeting aspiring university students, giving the opportunity to gain valuable insights into how entrepreneurs start their very own companies and the unique mindsets that often accompanies a successful venture to fulfill their technological and entrepreneurial potential. About The Program Knowledge Group work Engaging lectures One on One mentors Hands-on projects Best practices Let's solve the world's biggest challenges Why should you apply for the CSC - Student Accelerator? The program will provide you with a range of skills to explore and a range of opportunities to test your business idea. After completing the program you will gain entrepreneurial and employability skills to be more competitive in the industry. Students will be ready to apply to early stage funding and to apply for local and international acceleration programs. This is a great and unique opportunity for students to develop their innovative and creative ideas further and be ready to take their own start-ups to the next level. Why to apply? Who can apply? Arab students from all educational backgrounds Arab students from different universities and colleges Arab students who are interested and are passionate in exploring innovative and unique entrepreneurship opportunities Arab students who are looking to gain entrepreneurial skills Who can apply? How to apply? 01 Students are invited to form teams of 2-4 02 Fill the application form *Individuals who cannot form a team but are interested in joining the program, should join Hasoub Facebook community to find others individuals who are looking to form teams Apply Now Application Process Submit Your Application Applications Reviewed Successful Applicants Notified! Prizes 01 Participate in an international entrepreneurship conference, where the winning groups can pitch their ideas in front of hundreds of different investors from different countries around the world. 02 One from the following: $1K Prototyping grant $1K website design $1K Logo and branding $5K/$10K Cloud credit 03 Pitch event - winning groups will pitch to a panel of investors who are interested in early stage startups Prizes Last year experience 1/18 Videos Community Partners If you need more information regarding the program, registration or if you have more inquiries please contact us: Contact Aseel Idilbi Campus Director - Technion Mobile : 050-7534432 Email : Apply Now Apply as a Participant Become a Mentor

  • Hasoub Conference 2021 | Hasoub

    Sign up About Goals Program Audience Speakers Job Fair Sponsors Archive Sign Up Add to calender 17.12.2021 Golden Crown Nazareth Green Pass Required For the 4th consecutive year, Hasoub is holding the biggest tech-entrepreneurship event in the Arab society, Hasoub’s annual conference, that will take place on 17.12.2021 in Nazareth. The theme of this conference is The Change From Within to spotlight the success stories and the huge untapped potential of our community, bringing together all of Hasoub’s stakeholders in one place ( investors, entrepreneurs, engineers & students…). This conference is a huge opportunity not only for networking with like-minded peers and getting exposed to the opportunities among us, but also for giving a platform to celebrate the achievements of those of us who made it far and are role models for other aspiring entrepreneurs. With over 500 attendees and tens of speakers taking part, our conference. About Goals Fostering networking among various stakeholders. ​ Igniting dialogue around tech-entrepreneurship from within Arab society. ​ Exposing participants to programs, opportunities and role models from the ecosystem. Goals Program Gathering, Registration & Networking 12:00-13:00 Opening remarks 13:00-13:15 Opening keynote 13:15-14:00 - Yaniv Garty - Michal Braverman-Blumenstyk - Rony Friedman Panel: HighTech companies in the Arab society 14:00-14:30 - Nawa Jahshan - Moderator - Jhonny Abdallah - Othman Alshiekh - Faris Rezik - Dr.Hatem Yazbak - Dr.Tamer Salman "From 0 - 100" by Hasan Abassi 14:30-14:45 Panel: What does it take to be an entrepreneur? 14:45-15:15 - Lina Maudlej- Moderator - Dr.Peter Siman - Dr.Israa Sharkia - Dr.Hisham Taha - Wajde Zabet - Dr.Halim Jubran Break: Lunch and networking 15:15-15:45 "The role of the Government in supporting the change" Hassan Towafra 1 on 1 With Muna Omari 15:45 - 16:00 Panel: Angels leading the change 16:00-16:30 - Maram Hussein - Moderator - Mohammad Shreem - Omar Alem - Marwa Zoabi - Alaa Afifi - Dr. Morshed Farhat - Kheir Abdel Razek "What you can do with a $20 ?" by Adham Ghazali 16:30-16:45 Panel: Here and beyond 16:45-17:15 - Rabea Zioud - Moderator - Areen Shahbari - Adham Ghazali - Ali Ayoub Dabkeh Performance Break 17:15-17:30 "Go out there and rock" by Opher Vishnia 17:30-17:45 Panel: Our students, Our Future 17:45-18:15 - Dr. Slava Novgorodov - Moderator - Shada Abo Ras - Baraa Baryeh - Lana Saabne - Aseel Idilbi - Malik Aghbaria - Anan Maalouf - Abdallah Sakran Panel: HighTech for non coders 18:15-18:45 - Hasan Abu Shally - Moderator - Amani Briek - Qassam Atme - Muhammad Abd Alqader - Amal Aun - Saja Kabaha Closing Ceremony 18:45-19:00 Program Target Audience Students HighTech Employees Entrepreneurs Businessmen Investors Audience Speakers Dr. Hatem Yazbek Technical Director PhD at Broadcom Dr. Hasan Abasi Co-Founder & CEO of HAAT Yaniv Garty Intel Israel CEO and VP at Intel Global Michal Braverman-Blumenstyk Corporate Vice President at Microsoft Corporation Rony Friedman Apple Israel Manager Johny Abdallah Amdocs VP of Engineering and Nazareth Site Manager Nawa Jahshan Batshon CEO at Co-Impact Jumana Hakim D&I Communities Manager and Project North Leader Adham Ghazali Co-Founder at Imagry Dr. Tamer Salman Principal Research Manager - Microsoft Faris Rezek R&D Director & Salesforce Nazareth Site Lead Wagde Zabit Senior Software Engineer & Co-Founder at Orca Security Ali Ayoub Senior Director Nvidia Co- founder at HAAT Areen Shahbari CEO of Shahbari Training and Consultancy and Cactus International Muhammad Abd El Qader Sales Development Representative at AppsFlyer Othman Alshekh CEO - Siraj Technologies Dr. Israa Sharkia Co-Founder and VP of R&D at of Senseera Health. PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Halim Jubran PhD, Co-Founder & CEO at Phytolon ltd. Hassan Towafra Director General at Authority for the Economic Development of the Arab minority Dr.Hesham Taha CEO and Co-founder of Teramount. Ph.D in Applied Physics Dr. Slava Novgorodov Applied Research Scientist at eBay and Lecturer at Tel Aviv University Amanie Brik Program Manager at Google Research Maram Hussein IC Lead at Vintage Investment Partners, Board Member at Kav Mashve Dr. Peter Siman Chief Executive Officer at IntraGel LTD Muna Omari Conference Host Mohamed Shrem CEO of Orout Haamakim. Director at Shrem Group Dr. Morshed Farhat CEO Director General, Assuta Haifa Hospital Omar Alem CPA,VP at Alem Group Marwa Zouabi Idustrial Engineer, Economist & Financial Consultant CEO at Compass 360 Ala`a Afifi Vice President Of Global Business Development at AFIFI GROUP Opher Vishnia Lead Creative Developer at Eko Abdalla Sakran Biology Student at BGU | Hasoub Campus Director and Website Manger | Co-Founder at TecHub AiO Lina Maudlej Computer Systems Engineer at Saja Kabaha Public Affairs Specialist at Intel Corporation Qassam Atme Enablement Specialist at Malik Egbarya Computer Science Student , Hasoub Campus Director and Ambassador At Rothschild Ambassadors Program Lana Saabne Computer science and mathematics Student at TAU Aseel Idilbi Test and development engineer at intel, Campus director, pairs alumna and student at Technion Anan A. Maalouf Co-Founder Lectio Ph.D. Candidate at The New School Baraah Baryhe Biomedical Engineering student at Technion intern at GE Shatha Abu Rass Occupational therapist at Sheba Tel Hashomer Hospital, Master student in Occupational Therapy Hasan Abu Shally Founder & Board member at Haosub Product Manager at Riseup Kheir Abdel Razek Program Manager -Israel Innovation Authority - Societal Challenges Division Speakers Team Rabea Zioud Co-Founder & CEO Sandra Ashhab VP & Arab Angels Club Lead Mahmoud Zidan Chief Creative Officer Yara Aun Pairs Program Manager & Job Fair Manager Abdalla Sakran Website Vampire Besan Wattad Community Manager & Queen of allnighters Khadra Anabosy PR Specialist Unicorn Mohammad Moslimany Director of Photography Job Fair Job Fair Sponsors Sponsors Previous Conferences Archive Stay tuned

  • GalilUp | hasoub

    اعلى الصفحة عن المساق نبحث عن اهداف المساق مبادىء البرنامج للتسجيل رياديّون يصنعون التغيير، من قلب الجليل للتسجيل عن المساق عن المساق يهدف البرنامج لتأهيل الرياديين وإتاحة المجال أمامهم للإنطلاق في عالم الشركات الناشئة، التعرف عن قرب على اللاعبين المختلفين في هذا العالم والتحديات والعقبات التي من الممكن أن تواجه الريادي خلال مسيرته. الإطلاع عن كثب على قوانين هذا العالم هي خطوة حيوية جدًا للنجاح والتطور فيه. نبحث عن التدريب مكون من 12 لقاء مدة كل لقاء 5 ساعات أكاديمية, تتيح للمشتركين إكتساب معرفة واسعة ومتنوعة لبناء وتطوير أفكارهم. بالإضافة الى خبرة عملية في إطار بناء مشروعهم الخاص في ظل بيئة داعمة، كل هذا تحت إشراف مهنيين من عالم الشركات الناشئة. نبحث عن ريادي في بداية طريقه مع فكرة لمشروع ناشئ أشخاص يطمحون للإندماج في عالم الشركات الناشئة. اهداف المساق اهداف المساق صقل الفكرة ومساعدة الريادي في إتخاذ قراره بشأن الاسمرار في تنفيذ المشروع من خلال دراسة عميقة للفكرة، السوق والميزان التنافسية. لقاء 1- 4 التعرف على بيئة ريادة الأعمال الاسرائيلية وعلى الشخصيات البارزة فيها. صياغه فكرة المبادرة باستخدام Canvas وفقا للمبادئ المنهجية المشتركة والمتداولة في الشركات الناشئة. التعرف على المهارات المطلوبة من أجل إنشاء، تطوير وإدارة شركة ناشئة. لقاء 4 - 12 تحليل, تحديد ومواجهة التحديات الأساسية في إنشاء وإدارة شركة ناشئة. إتمام المرحلة الأولى من فحص سوق العمل المناسب. التعرف على حدود تطوير المنتج وفقا لمفهوم MVP بناء خطة عمل لدفع المشروع وفقا للتطور الطبيعي للشركات الناشئة مبادىء البرنامج مبادئ البرنامج نتعلم - نطبق/ننفذ/نبني محاكاة واقعية لبيئة تطوير شركة ناشئة تعزيز أداء وقدرة المشاركين بمساعدة أدوات من عالم المسرّعات التعرف على أدوات تكنولوجية تعطي للريادي أفضليه وأدوات عملية للمضي قدما في مشروعه الناشئ للتسجيل للتسجيل سجل الان

  • Hasoub StartupsLab Accelerator

    ABOUT PROGRAM FEATURES APPLY CONTACT More OVERCOME YOUR BARRIERS Enroll in our Ac celeration Program APPLY NOW 2024 Cohort Ap plication guide About Us OUR MISSION Our mission is to empower Arab entrepreneurs by providing them with the knowledge, tools, and support they need to develop their innovative ideas into successful startups. We understand the challenges faced in the early stages of building a venture, and our Accelerator program is specifically designed to bridge that gap. ABOUT THE PROGRAM Hasoub Labs is Launching the HasoubStartupsLab Accelerator program to promote Arab innovation. ​ Learn how this program can accelerate the growth of your venture! ​ Hasoub Labs is an innovation hub dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship and employment in the Arab sector. *The programs will be conducted in-person, at the Hasoub Garage (Al-Quds Road, Ar'ara, 3002600), and in English unless otherwise noted. **All elements listed below are subject to change due to scheduling challenges which may arise. Our approach hyper-focuses on helping founders achieve their next impactful milestone, enabling access to a meaningful network of experts and mentors. Info Sessions Come learn more about the 2024 HasoubStartupsLab Accelerator. This is a great opportunity to ask our staff any questions you may have. book your spot now! Wednesday, October 11 Register Now! Wednesday, October 25 Register Now! TARGET AUDIENCE The Accelerator program is tailored for Arab entrepreneurs with innovative startups who face challenges in the early stages of growing their company. Our diverse community includes founders from various fields and industries, who are looking to make an impact on the world. PROGRAM JOURNEY Over the course of the 13 weeks, our program is tailored to cover all substanitial topics to help you succeed The Essentials Gain an overview of the program, meet mentors, and network with key experts. The Market and the Entrepreneurial Mindset What makes an entrepreneurs and how it creates impact Positioning and Branding Learn how to define your position in the market, both individually as well as in relation to competitors. Receive valuable insights from industry experts. Marketing and Sales Learn how to drive growth through marketing and sales. Team Building & Leadership Discuss the importance of building a board to grow your startup. Financials and Legal Gain insights into legal considerations such as intellectual property, cofounder agreements, and more. Consider your budget and financials and hear from leading experts in the field. Fundraising Meet with investors who will give you a glimpse inside the investor’s mindset. Pitching and Storytelling Master the art of pitching your startup and captivating potential investors. Program ELIGIBILITY GUIDELINES The HasoubStartupsLab Accelerator is tailored for early-stage companies from any industry, from the ideation stage to early market engagement. If you’ve yet to raise any money, you are more than welcome to apply. The program is best suited for startups that have generated less than $2M in annual revenue or have raised less than $1M. Please note these are guidelines, not firm requirements. We realize that in some markets, startups are considered early-stage with greater initial funding. Similarly, there could be a business that is pivoting to become a startup and already generates meaningful revenue. We welcome all applicants who can benefit from our program. PROGRAM FEATURES AND SUPPORT Entrepreneurship Fundamentals Expert Guidance Access to Ecosystem Collaborative Environment Soft Skill Development Features TIMELINE Oct 1, 2023 Applications open Nov 5 Applications close Nov 8-Nov 21 Judging End of November Finalists Announced Dec 17 Program begins Start of March Finale event COST In case of acceptance to the Accelerator there will be a commitment fee. LEAVE DETALS INTERESTED? Apply for this Cohort. Save your spot! Do you have any questions? Contact Us . APPLY NOW! Ap plication guide We are always on the move! Keep up with our news. Subscribe to our newsletter. Subscribe Now Subscribe Apply ABOUT HASOUB LABS The Accelerator program is one of the initiatives of Hasoub Labs, an innovation-driven organization dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship and technological advancement in the Arab world. With our strong partnership with MassChallenge and access to the Hasoub Garage, we provide a unique and comprehensive program designed to maximize your chances of success. SUPPORTED BY PARTNERS CONTACT We’d love to hear from you! Whether you have a question, feedback, or just want to say hello, don’t hesitate to reach out! Contact Contact

  • London RoadShow

    The London Roadshow is a collaboration between the British Embassy and Hasoub, which will bring five leading Arab startups to London for four days of skills development, business evolvement and network expansion. Apply Now Startups will undergo a tailor-made programme, meet-up with British VCs and top tech experts, as well as acquire the desired theoretical and practical tools, to assist them in developing their startups and expand their business operations. About The UK Israel Tech Hub & British Embassy The UK Israel Tech Hub is a not-for-profit venture operating out of the British Embassy Israel since 2011. The embassy maintains and develops relations between the UK and Israel. The Hub was founded by the UK government as a means to drive economic growth by helping British companies partner with cutting-edge technology from Israel. The Hub has earned a strong reputation as the finest “resident experts'' in Israel, one of the world’s leading clusters of technology and innovation. About Hasoub Hasoub is a grassroots NGO paving the way for the coming generation of Arab tech-entrepreneurs. Hasoub’s goal is to help create a more productive Arab society, prospering with entrepreneurship and innovation, and a more diverse and inclusive “Startup Nation”. Hasoub focuses on 3 pillars, building infrastructure inside the Arab cities/villages, filling the pipeline with more potential Arab entrepreneurs/engineers by building communities around tech-entrepreneurship and empowering them with the knowledge, skills, network and encourage the Arab business people and investors to invest in tech startups in order to lead to social and economic change. More About The Programme Among the many activities planned for this delegation, startups will traverse and indulge in various topics, such as: Customer Discovery, Finance Readiness and Strategy, Developing Sustainable Business Models and Increasing Sales. Startups will also hear from, and engage with, British VCs, fundraisers, government bodies and corporates. As well as, meet and network with UK founders and entrepreneurs. Programme timeline 21.10 3.11 10.11 11.11 6.12 9.12 Application opens Application closes Residency event Final answers Delegation starts Delegation ends Apply Now Contact Us

  • About | hasoub

    Hasoub started when two young and passionate Arab technologists decided in 2014 to start meeting weekly to hack, learn and create things together. Week after another, the two became five, the five became 20, and the 20 turned into an entire community - a community for Arab technologists and entrepreneurs by Arab technologists and entrepreneurs. We were all sharing an amazing time and experience, but at the same time we also shared the pain of exclusion (and its financial consequences on our society). We decided to act, and in Jan 2015 Hasoub’s first public event was conducted, discussing tech-entrepreneurship in our own Arab towns and villages. Eventually, this community turned into a grassroots movement, engaging thousands of participants in dozens of projects and events. Along the way it seemed that wherever we looked there was a need, so we ended up working with so many different segmentations in our community, ranging from kids to student to entrepreneurs and engineers. And we tried to answer multiple pains and needs, from raising awareness to employment to facilitating entrepreneurship. But moving forward and shifting from a social movement to an organization, we knew we should be focusing. And after a long and deep process, we came to the realization that we should be focusing filling the pipeline with more potential Arab entrepreneurs, and to this by building communities around tech-entrepreneurship to empower university students and early-stage entrepreneurs with the knowledge, skills, network and resources they need to pursue their dreams and build their startups. Currently Hasoub’s does this through two main platforms: “Hasoub On Campus” and “Hasoub In Town”.

  • Administrative Manager | hasoub

    Office Manager Hasoub is a grassroots NGO paving the way for the coming generation of Arab tech-entrepreneurs and early-stage investors. Our goal is to help create a more productive Arab society, prospering with entrepreneurship and innovation. We are constantly growing our programs and activities, and are on the lookout for the newest addition to our dynamic and unique team! We are seeking an office manager who can manage the administrative issues at Hasoub, assists with CEO tasks, handels basic accounting materials, and manages paperwork for various authorities. Requirements: 1-3 years of administrative assistant experience Preference for previous experience working in a startup or non-profit Experience in accounting work - an advantage. Ability to work independently, with multiple interface work and to multitask. Good English proficiency. OFFICE software control. Preference for familiarity with Valid driver’s license Work in our WeWOrk office in Haifa Part-time work (50%) Hasoub is an equal opportunity workplace, all genders are welcome to apply. Apply Now Need to connect?

  • For Mentors CSC | hasoub

    Why should you apply As a Mentor? Make a difference You can change your mentee’s lives! With your experience you can help your mentees succeed Join a network You will be joining a team of amazing mentors who are willing to help students succeed, you will meet inspiring students and make new friends. What it means to be a Mentor? One-on-one mentoring between teams and experts in the field You will be paired with teams - who are interested in getting ​ feedback and help develop their start up further according to your field of expertise ​ 6-8 hours of your support can have a great impact. As a mentor, you will provide teams with encouragement, support, tips and tricks throughout the whole process. Apply as a Mentor

  • Abilities Makeathon | hasoub

    العربية Creating Solutions that Address the Unique Needs of Individuals with Disabilities The vision of the Abilities Program is to create solutions that cater to the specific needs of individuals with disabilities. Participants from diverse fields have joined, including industrial designers, doctors, occupational therapists, mechanical engineers, physiotherapists, and more. Alongside them are individuals with disabilities who have joined as team members, offering insights into needs that require solutions. In other words, they are our "Need-Knowers." The Abilities Community: Who Are We? The Hasoub Abilities community is formed by individuals who take on distinct yet important roles, all connected by a shared vision and driven by enthusiasm. Allow us to introduce our "Need-Knowers," Makers, and Operational Volunteers. Need Knowers The Need-Knowers of the Abilities program are the individuals who come to articulate a need for a project. Each need-knower shares their experiences of living with a disability, actively participating with the teams, and enabling us to identify specific needs. Through their involvement, we advocate for a more inclusive community, emphasizing the significance of integrating people with disabilities into both work and social spheres within the Arab community. Makers The Abilities community at Hasoub consists of individuals who thoughtfully develop concepts and ideas, working diligently throughout the program to bring each project to fruition. This group comprises brilliant individuals with diverse professional and academic backgrounds, including industrial designers, doctors, occupational therapists, mechanical engineers, physiotherapists, and more. Carefully selected for their expertise, we take pride in their exceptional dedication, creativity, and hardworking nature. Volunteers The Abilities volunteers are a group of talented individuals who assume significant roles using their knowledge, skills, and expertise. They take on a variety of roles as dictated by the program dynamics. We sincerely appreciate their efforts, whether it's tackling logistical tasks, managing social media, organizing spaces, or handling any other necessary responsibilities. What is Tom? TOM is a nonprofit initiative based on global communities that aims to promote an inclusive and empathetic society. By creating technological solutions, TOM improves the lives of individuals facing unmet needs, including people with disabilities and the elderly. All solutions are documented and published on TOM’s digital platform in an open-source format, allowing for their production in any workshop, anytime, anywhere. Partners Contact Us Do you have questions or would like to send us feedback? Contact us

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    Hasoub 2017 (1)-01 Hasoub 2017 (1)-02 Hasoub 2017 (1)-10 Hasoub 2017 (1)-01 1/10

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    VC ANALYSTS TRAINING COURSE ONE COURSE, GREAT CAREER מחיר מלא לקורס הוא 2200 ₪ 200 ₪ מתוכם נגבים עם ההרשמה START NOW אודות הקורס חולמים על משרה נחשקת בתחום היזמות הטכנולוגית? חאסוב, התנועה המקדמת דור חדש של יזמי טק ערבים, מזמינה אתכם לשלושה חודשי אימון אינטנסיבי בקורס היוקרתי הראשון מסוגו, אשר יפתח לכם את הדלתות למשרה נחשקת בעולם ההייטק. בין אם אתם בוגרי תואר ראשון /שני או שנמצאים עדיין בתקופת הלימודים, הקורס הזה מיועד בשבילכם. בואו להיות הראשונים שסוללים את הדרך לדור שלם של צעירים ערבים שיבואו בעקבותיכם. הקורס בשיתוף פרשפאנד, הינו תכנית ייחודית אשר נועדה להכיר לכם.ן את עולם היזמות מנקודת המבט של המשקיע.ה. כך, תרכשו ידע וכלים פרקטיים, מיומנויות וניסיון אשר ילוו אתכם.ן בדרככם המקצועית והיזמית, ויסייעו לכם.ן להשתלב בתעשיית ההיי-טק וההון סיכון במהלך הקריירה המקצועית שלכם.ן. הצטרפו עוד היום והבטיחו את מקומכם לקורס הקרוב אשר יפתח במאי 2021 לנרשמים עכשיו תינתן הנחה בדמי הרשמה היא קרן הון סיכון אשר מתמחה בהשקעות בסטארטאפים בשלבים מוקדמים עם מיקוד בשלב ה-pre seed. הקרן ביצעה עד כה השקעות בלמעלה מ-20 חברות בתחומים שונים ומגוונים והיא שותפה אקטיבית בהצמחת המיזמים שהיא משקיעה בהם, בדגש על תמיכה בפיתוח עסקי ובגיוסי הון נוספים מקרנות ומאנג׳לים. לקרן יש פעילות ענפה בפיתוח אקוסיסטם החדשנות והיזמות במוסדות האקדמיים בישראל מתוך תפיסה שהאקדמיה מהווה קרקע פורה להקמה של חברות חדשות, משמעותיות ופורצות דרך על ידי סטודנטיות וסטודנטים, בוגרות ובוגרים טריים וחוקרות וחוקרים. הקרן פועלת בשיתוף פעולה עם מוסדות אקדמיים בפיתוח פלטפורמות ופעילויות אשר יפתחו את אקוסיסטם היזמות והחדשנות בקמפוסים כולל סיוע וליווי בהקמת קרנות השקעה בסטודנטיות\ים ובוגרות\ים של המוסדות, שיתופי פעולה סביב תכניות יזמות של המוסדות והפעלת תכנית חשיפה והכשרה סטודנטיאלית ייחודית לעולם השקעות ההון סיכון אשר עד כה השתתפו בה למעלה מ-150 סטודנטיות וסטודנטים מהאוניברסיטאות והמכללות המובילות בישראל. למה אנחנו קורס Hasoub-fresh.ed הוא אחד הקורסים המקצועיים מסוגו, והוא מבוסס על IP ייחודי שהומצא על ידי והשתכלל במהלך 4 השנים בהן התכנית פועלת בקמפוסים שונים ברחבי ישראל (האוניברסיטה העברית, אוניברסיטת תל-אביב, אוניברסיטת בן גוריון, המרכז הבינתחומי, אוניברסיטת חיפה, הטכניון וכו '). איך זה עובד? במהלך התכנית נלמד בין השאר כיצד עובדת קרן הון סיכון, מה מניע אותה (רמז- $ אבל לא רק), כיצד נראה תהליך השקעה על כלל מרכיביו ונבחן את האופן שבו משקיעים ומשקיעות מחליטים.ות לגבי ההשקעות שלהם.ן. דגש רב בתכנית יושם על תרגול, עבודה בקבוצות, התנסות מעשית והרצאות אורח והיכרות עם דמויות וגורמים מובילים באקוסיסטם היזמות והחדשנות הישראלי. המפגשים יחלו בתאריך 19.5.2021 ויתקיימו בחיפה-לוויוורק (באופן זמני) בכל יום רביעי בין השעות 17:00 - 21:00 תוכן הקורס נכיר את מושגי היסוד של שפת היזמות ועולם השקעות הון הסיכון. 1 נלמד מהי קרן הון סיכון, כיצד היא פועלת, כיצד עובד המודל העסקי שלה ונבין את ההבדלים בין הסוגים השונים של המשקיעים, המשקיעות והקרנות. 2 ניכנס אל מאחורי הקלעים של תהליך ההשקעה, נצלול יחד לנבכי חוזי ההשקעה השונים ונלמד את מנגנוני ההשקעה השונים ומה הרציונאל שעומד מאחוריהם. 3 ניכנס לנעלי המשקיעים והמשקיעות והאנליסטים והאנליסטיות בקרן הון סיכון ונלמד להעריך ולנתח כדאיות של השקעה בסטארטאפ מתוך סט השיקולים שמשקיעים.ות לוקחים.ות בחשבון הכוללים, בין היתר, מחקר שוק, מגמות וטרנדים, בחינת המוצר על כל היבטיו, והצעת הערך שלו ביחס לתחרות והאלטרנטיבות בשוק. 4 נלמד וננתח מקרי מבחן של סטארטאפים אמיתיים ונקבל החלטות השקעה יחד, במסגרת הדיונים הכיתתיים. 5 נפגוש משקיעות ומשקיעים ויזמיות ויזמים אשר ישתפו אותנו מהניסיון ומן הפרספקטיבה שלהם כיצד קרנות הון סיכון פועלות וכיצד נראים תהליכי השקעה. 6 תאריכים חשובים 1-14.5.2021 הגשת מועמדות לקורס 5.5.2021 מפגש מידע על הקורס 21.5.2021 תשובות סופיות לגבי קבלה והשתתפות בקורס 28.5.2021 מתחילים 4.8.2021 מסיימים מרכיבי מפתח 8 מפגשים 1 ecosystem panel מרצים אורחים מהתעשייה (6-8) המסע שלך מתחיל עכשיו מחיר מלא לקורס הוא 2200 ₪ 200 ₪ מתוכם נגבים עם ההרשמה START NOW

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