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  • Hacking the Crime | hasoub

    Hasoub desires to help develop solutions to the complex problems in the community using technology, innovative solutions by thinking outside the box. Technology has created new opportunities to bring about social change and solve problems and challenges in society; new technologies have tremendous potential to contribute to preventing violence and crime in the community. ​ We are looking for the great minds of entrepreneurs, engineers, developers, social activists, teachers, social worker economists, innovators, students, designers, scientists, influencers, doctors, manufacturers, consultants, campaigners, investors, brand managers, athletes, actors, industry experts, adventurers young and old etc. REGISTER AS A PARTICIPANT Septermber 24-25, 2021 Nazareth Industrial Park THE GOAL The goal is to develop solutions to crime and violence problems in an innovative way by thinking outside the box, recruiting technological talent, and developing solutions that involve all relevant factors. Technology has created new opportunities to bring about social change and solve problems and challenges in society; new technologies can potentially prevent violence and crime in the community. TIMELINE Friday 24.9.2021 8:00-9:45 Registration and Breakfast 10:00 Opening remarks 11:00 Kicking off the hacking 14:00 Lunch 15:00 Problem solving 16:00 Back to Hack 20:00 Ice-cream Break 24:00 Midnight Pizza 00:00-09:00 Overnight Hacking Saturday 25.9.2021 9:00-10:00 Breakfast 10:00 Business Model Canvas 10:45 Back to Hack 14:00 Lunch 15:00 Hacking and pitching rehearsals 18:00 The finals (Pitching the Ideas) 20:00 Winners announcement and closing The Challenges Violence against women Domestic violence Bullying in schools Organized crime Shoot - and - kill crimes Violence against children WHO CAN JOIN? Students High-tech employees Entrepreneurs Graphic designers Social activists REGISTER AS A PARTICIPANT HELP FIGHT CRIME REGISTER AS A MENTOR PARTNERS Ages 20+ COMMUNITY PARTNERS Ages 20+ TEAM Rabea Zioud Co-Founder & CEO at Hasoub Yara Aun Project Manager at Hasoub Sandra Ashhab VP of Organisational Development & Arab Angels Club Lead at Hasoub Besan Wattad Network Manager at Hasoub Alaa Kryeem Senior security software engineer, Microsoft Gassan Tabajah Staff Software Engineer at Intel Corporation Orsan Awawdi Senior DevOps Engineer at BMC Software A Project By

  • Abilities Makeathon AR | hasoub

    English تطوير حلول مصممة خصيصًا لتلبية احتياجات الأشخاص ذوي الاحتيجات الخاصه رؤية برنامج القدرات هي خلق حلول تلائم احتياجات الأفراد ذوي الإعاقة. في شهر سبتمبر، انضم إلينا مشاركون ومشاركات من مجالات متنوعة تضم مصممون صناعيون، الأطباء، أخصائيو العلاج المهني، المهندسون الميكانيكيون، أخصائيو العلاج الطبيعي وغيرهم. بجانبهم، ينضم إلينا أفراد ذوي الاحتيجات الخاصه كأعضاء في الفريق، يقدمون معلومات حول الاحتياجات التي تتطلب حلولاً. بمعنى آخر، هم “المدركون للحاجة“. مجتمع القدرات: من نحن؟ يتكوّن مجتمع القدرات في حاسوب من عده أفراد مع أدوارً مختلفه ومهمة، متحدون جميعا برؤية مشتركة من اجل صنع تغيير. دعونا نقدم لكم المدركون للحاجة (Need-Knowers)، والمبتكرون (Makers)، والمتطوعون. المدركون للحاجة (Need-Knowers) “المدركون للحاجة” في برنامج القدرات هم الأفراد الذين يأتون لصياغة احتياج من اجل انشاء المشروع. يشارك كل مدرك للحاجة تجاربه في العيش مع إعاقة، مشاركًا بنشاط مع الفرق، ويمكّننا ذلك من تحديد احتياجات محددة. من خلال مشاركتهم، ننادي بمجتمع أكثر شمولية، مؤكدين على أهمية دمج الأشخاص ذوي الإعاقة في العمل والمجالات الاجتماعية ضمن المجتمع العربي. المبتكرون (Makers) يتألف مجتمع القدرات في حاسوب من أفراد يطورون المفاهيم والأفكار بعناية، يعملون بجدية طوال البرنامج لتحقيق كل مشروع. هذه المجموعة تضم أفرادًا متميزين بخلفيات مهنية وأكاديمية متنوعة، بما في ذلك المصممون الصناعيون، والأطباء، وأخصائيو العلاج المهني، والمهندسون الميكانيكيون، وأخصائيو العلاج الطبيعي وغيرهم. المتطوعون متطوعو برنامج القدرات هم مجموعة من الأفراد الموهوبين الذين يتقلدون أدواراً هامة باستخدام معارفهم ومهاراتهم وخبراتهم. يتولون مجموعة متنوعة من الأدوار بناءً على ديناميكيات البرنامج. نحن نقدر بصدق جهودهم، سواء كان ذلك في مواجهة المهام اللوجستية، إدارة وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي، تنظيم الأماكن، أو التعامل مع أية مسؤوليات ضرورية أخرى. من هي توم؟ توم هي مبادرة غير ربحية تهدف إلى تعزيز المجتمع التضامني والشامل. من خلال تطوير حلول تكنولوجية، يساهم توم في تحسين حياة الأفراد الذين يواجهون احتياجات غير ملباة، بما في ذلك الأشخاص ذوي الإعاقة وكبار السن. تُوثق جميع الحلول وتُنشر على منصة توم الرقمية بتنسيق مفتوح المصدر، مما يسمح بإنتاجها في أي ورشة عمل، في أي وقت، في أي مكان. شراكاؤنا تواصلوا معنا تواصلوا معنا هل لديكم اسئلة او ملاحظات؟ راسلونا.

  • Payment | Hasoub

    Payment Request First Name Last Name Email Phone Number Proceed to Checkout Payment Successful!

  • The German Roadshow

    About the Programme The German Roadshow is a collaboration between the Israel Innovation Hub of Germany’s largest Research Organisation HELMHOLTZ and HASOUB, supported by the German Embassy in Tel Aviv, which will bring 6 leading Israeli-Arab startups from Israel to Germany for five days of business evolvement and international network expansion. Startups will undergo a tailor-made programme, meeting up with German top tech experts, VCs as well as acquiring practical tools to assist them in developing their startups and expanding their business operations internationally. Among the many activities planned the participating startups will hear from and engage with German VCs, government bodies and corporates and meet and mingle with German founders and entrepreneurs. Apply Now About Hasoub Hasoub is a grassroots NGO paving the way for the coming generation of Arab tech-entrepreneurs. Hasoub’s goal is to help create a more productive Arab society in Israel, accelerating entrepreneurship and innovation as well as a more diverse and inclusive “Startup Nation”. Hasoub focuses on 3 pillars, building infrastructure inside the Arab cities/villages, building and bridging tech communities and empowering Arab (future) founders with skills and a solid international business network in order to attract investors and expand internationally. About Helmholtz Israel Innovation Hub As Germany’s largest Research Organisation with 18 Research & Innovation Centers in Germany, the activities of Helmholtz focus on providing a high performance R&I infrastructure and on creating the technological basis for a competitive economy. The Helmholtz Israel Innovation Hub, based in Tel Aviv and led by Andrea Frahm, serves as point of contact for existing and future partners in research, innovation, business, and politics, advising German and Israeli stakeholders on bilateral cooperation opportunities as well as promoting knowledge & technology transfer initiatives across all R&I sectors. Schedule Sun, 24.09. Arrival from TLV Mon, 25.09. Berlin Tue, 26.09. Berlin Wed, 27.09. Berlin Thu, 28.09. Frankfurt Fri, 29.09. Karlsruhe / Departure to TLV Partners ANGELS Interested? Register now to enjoy the company of special attendant and get the benefit of … things. Apply Now Need Help? We're here.. mail @

  • Pairs Program | hasoub

    Paving your way into High-Tech Hasoub PAIRS , is a newly-launched pilot program that connects Arab students from the Tech field with mentors from the High-Tech sector. The program is open for registration twice a year. mentors will meet with their mentees over 4 months period with 16 hours in total, with a focus on addressing specific jointly-identified challenges facing the mentee to start their career and get involved in the High-Tech sector You will get Having an engineer as an "older sibling" in the High Tech industry Job Fair Events Membership in Hasoub Hightech community Workshops One-on-one Mentor/mentee Intensive skill-building program Mock-ups interviews And much more .. Your mentor could be one of these big companies Who can apply as a Mentee? Highly motivated students who are in thier third year of thier studies or last 4 semesters to finish , and are looking for an opportunity to become part of the Hi-Tech industry Join Hasoub PAIRS program Now Join as a mentor

  • Investors Club | Hasoub

    اعلى الصفحة من نحن الشركاء انضم الان تواصل معنا استثمارات ذات معنى Apply now من نحن من نحن بالشراكة مع مؤسسة Edmond De Rothschild و IDC و Vintage Investment Partners جمعية حاسوب تطلق "نادي المستثمرين العرب" - وهي مبادرة رائدة تهدف إلى إنشاء مجتمع حصري من رجال الأعمال العرب ذوي الخبرة وكبار التقنيين والمديرين التنفيذيين الذين يسعون إلى تعزيز معرفتهم وشبكتهم في عالم الاستثمارات في مجال التكنولوجيا وتقنية المعلومات من خلال الاستثمار في الشركات الناشئة الواعدة والمشاريع التكنولوجية. من نحن بالشراكة مع مؤسسة Edmond De Rothschild و IDC و Vintage Investment Partners جمعية حاسوب تطلق "نادي المستثمرين العرب" - وهي مبادرة رائدة تهدف إلى إنشاء مجتمع حصري من رجال الأعمال العرب ذوي الخبرة وكبار التقنيين والمديرين التنفيذيين الذين يسعون إلى تعزيز معرفتهم وشبكتهم في عالم الاستثمارات في مجال التكنولوجيا وتقنية المعلومات من خلال الاستثمار في الشركات الناشئة الواعدة والمشاريع التكنولوجية. بالشراكة مع مؤسسة Edmond De Rothschild و IDC و Vintage Investment Partners جمعية حاسوب تطلق "نادي المستثمرين العرب" - وهي مبادرة رائدة تهدف إلى إنشاء مجتمع حصري من رجال الأعمال العرب ذوي الخبرة وكبار التقنيين والمديرين التنفيذيين الذين يسعون إلى تعزيز معرفتهم وشبكتهم في عالم الاستثمارات في مجال التكنولوجيا وتقنية المعلومات من خلال الاستثمار في الشركات الناشئة الواعدة والمشاريع التكنولوجية. بالشراكة مع مؤسسة Edmond De Rothschild و IDC و Vintage Investment Partners جمعية حاسوب تطلق "نادي المستثمرين العرب" - وهي مبادرة رائدة تهدف إلى إنشاء مجتمع حصري من رجال الأعمال العرب ذوي الخبرة وكبار التقنيين والمديرين التنفيذيين الذين يسعون إلى تعزيز معرفتهم وشبكتهم في عالم الاستثمارات في مجال التكنولوجيا وتقنية المعلومات من خلال الاستثمار في الشركات الناشئة الواعدة والمشاريع التكنولوجية. بالشراكة مع مؤسسة Edmond De Rothschild و IDC و Vintage Investment Partners جمعية حاسوب تطلق "نادي المستثمرين العرب" - وهي مبادرة رائدة تهدف إلى إنشاء مجتمع حصري من رجال الأعمال العرب ذوي الخبرة وكبار التقنيين والمديرين التنفيذيين الذين يسعون إلى تعزيز معرفتهم وشبكتهم في عالم الاستثمارات في مجال التكنولوجيا وتقنية المعلومات من خلال الاستثمار في الشركات الناشئة الواعدة والمشاريع التكنولوجية. لماذا نادي المستثمرين العرب؟ لقاء مع مستثمرين من جميع انحاء العالم لقاء مع مستثمرين من جميع انحاء العالم فرص استثمارية كبيرة فرص استثمارية كبيرة هدفنا الرئيسي خلق واقع جديد نشهد فيه صفقات استثمارية بقيادة مستثمرين عرب استثمر انمو ​ اثر الاستراتيجية والتشغيل The program is designed to empower its members with both theoretical and practical training. 01 The first phase, that will be delivered by The Knowledge Center for Innovation at the Technion, aims to enrich the participants' theoretical background, covering the following topics: The Local Ecosystem, Angel Investor Journey, Fundraising Process, Investment Process’s Milestones and it'll end with Roadshow and Investment Simulations. 02 The second phase of the program, in cooperation with Vintage Investment Partners and HiCenter، focuses more on exposing the club members to success stories, trends and best practices in the world of Venture Capital investments. 03 Once the training period is over, all participants will be able to get a club membership where they will enjoy ongoing network events, exclusive meetups, and access to investments opportunities through demo days and pitching events. اللجنة الاستشارية President & CEO at Tamir Fishman Ventures أحمد مواسي ​ أحمد مواسي ​ Co-Founder of Alpha Omega Corporate Vice President - System Verification Group at Cadence Design Systems أحمد مواسي ​ Founder & Chairman at Babcom Center أحمد مواسي ​ أحمد مواسي ​ Of Counsel at Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz Accountant, Director & Co-Manager at deloitte أحمد مواسي ​ Principal at NfX أحمد مواسي ​ أحمد مواسي ​ Arab Society Director at Edmond de Rothschild Foundation Senior Associate at Vintage Investment Partners Ameer Awadiyeh الشركاء الشركاء انضم الان أفضل وقت لإجراء تغيير كبير هو الآن سجل الآن واحفظ مقعدك في المجموعة القادمة من نادي المستثمرين العرب سجل هنا تواصل معنا تواصل معنا نود أن نسمع منك ​ 052-645-3930 ​ Sandra Ashhab

  • Kufr Kana Hub Manager | hasoub

    Kufr Kana Hub Manager Position Full time 100% Kufr Kana Hasoub is an impact-driven social venture that aims to promote innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship within Arab society. Our goal is to help create a more productive Arab community, prospering with entrepreneurship and innovation, and a more diverse and inclusive start-up ecosystem. Hasoub and Klika will run an innovation hub in Fufr Kana, therefore, we are looking for a Hub Manager who can be responsible for all aspects related to the day to day management of the Hub. The Program Manager will plan, manage, and execute all projects and logistics associated with the Hub events and activities. Responsibilities Develop and execute annual events and activities for the Hub programs. Coordinate the creation of the Hub Programs calendar of major events and activities. Manage schedules and deadlines for the Hub to maximize operational effectiveness. Provide weekly project updates for the CEO. Manage the Hub team to ensure alignment with the Hub’s program goals and spirit, quality of work, and efficient use of resources. Onboard startups, SMBs & Freelancers and manage the hub offices and co-working space. Track, monitor and report on planned vs. actual expenses for the Hub program. Build best practices and seek continuous improvement for the Hub. Coordinate all marketing and PR efforts related to the Hub (e.g., press announcements, articles, speaking engagements, industry events). Qualifications Knowledge and Skills Proactive, self-starter, and results oriented. Strong organizational and project management skills with ability to adapt well to change. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Advanced skills in negotiations and cost-cutting strategies. Ability to make decisions under pressure by being professional at all times. Strong creative problem solving and process improvement skills. Ability to anticipate potential challenges and prepare solutions. Education and Experience background Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience. At least three to five years of experience in management. Proven experience leading diverse teams and multiple stakeholders to successfully execute large, complex projects. High-Tech related background is an advantage. Contact us Please send your CV and a motivation letter in English by ​Monday, 22nd February, 2021 to with the title ​Kufr Kana - Hub Manager ​. Shortlisted candidates will only be contacted for an interview.

  • Arab Angels Club | hasoub

    Arab Angels Club Payment Pay Now

  • People | hasoub

    Hasoub Team Rabea Zioud Co-Founder & CEO Amany Dayif Resource Development officer Ron Barzilay Data Science Intern Sandra Ashhab VP & Arab Angels Club Lead Mahmood Zidan Supreme Leader of design Yara Aun Pairs Program Manager & Job Fair Manager Abdalla Sakran Website Manager Besan Wattad Conference coordinator & Main Stage Manager Hala Kawar Office Manager & Project Coordinator Board of directors Aiman Saif Chairman of the board, Former Director at authority for the economic development of the minorities sector Jumana Mowafi VP Of Engineering at Synopsys Yoram Yaacovi Venture partner at Shenzhen Capital Group. Former general manager of Microsoft Israel Hasan Abo Shally Product@RiseUp Ray Milhem Global Sr Technology Executive Abdelrahim Nashef Partner at Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz Dona Haj Head of UK Office at the UK Israel Tech Hub at British Embassy Tel-Aviv Waleed Afifi Head of Public Transportation and Logistics Division at Afifi Group

  • Data Analysis Program

    DATA ANALYSIS PROGRAM ARE YOU READY TO EXCEL IN THE DATA-DRIVEN WORLD? Join our comprehensive Data Analysis program and acquire the skills needed to unlock the power of data. In this program, we’ll equip you with practical knowledge and tools to extract insights, make informed decisions, and thrive in various industries. APPLY NOW Duration 47 meetings twice a week 3 hours per meeting Format Hybrid (mostly online with occasional in-person sessions) Language Hebrew Mentorship and Job Assistance Benefit from mentorship and guidance throughout the program, and receive assistance in finding job opportunities in the data analysis field. PROGRAM SYLLABUS Data Analysis HR Introduction to BI and data analysis Python Programming and Python packages DB: SQL, NoSQL Analysis and Exploration of the data using python Intro to AI and AI tools relevant to BI and data exploration BI – KPI's and visualization Big Data & Cloud in a nutshell Module 1 - Python (Hours) Lecture (hours): Python shell and working environments: PyCharm, Colab Notebook Data types Variables Conditions Loops and program controls Functions and Lambda expressions Collections: lists, sets, tuples and dictionaries Strings and regular expressions Comprehension Modules and packages Python standard library Error handling Debugging Training (hours): Each of the above subjects will be trained by an example There will be 2 or 3 programing projects Module 2 – Excel Lecture (hours): Excel basics Conditions Lookups and other data retrieval functions Pivots What if analysis Module 3 – Data sources, Database and ETL ( Hours) Lecture (hours): Structed vs. Unstructured data Relational DB SQL principles: Basic select statements, Filtering and sorting the results Scalar Functions, Group Functions, join methods, Sub Queries, Add, modify, remove data from a table, creating new tables MySQL Non-relational database: NoSQL Files handling in Python Working with CSV files Working with JSON files MongoDB Elasticsearch Neo4j Temporal data Training (hours): Loading and manipulating data from CSV file Loading and manipulating data from JSON file Connecting to MySQL tables and retrieve data using SQL queries: Variables, Conditions & Loops, Using Cursors, Error Handling, using Stored Procedures, Using Functions Connecting to MongoDB and retrieve data using NoSQL queries Using ElasticSearch Using Neo4j Integrating data from 2 resources: MySQL and MongoDB into unified Pandas dataframe Integrating data from 2 resources: MongoDB and ElasticSearch into unified Pandas dataframe Integrating data from 2 resources: MySQL and Neo4j into unified Pandas dataframe Retrieve data from the web into a dataframe Module 4 – Data Visualization and Data Preparation (Hours) Lecture (hours): Know your data Basic Statistical Descriptions of Data Types of Data Sets Attribute data types (Nominal , Binary, Ordinal, Numeric Discrete and Continuous Etc.) Cleaning the data Data completion Data normalization and scaling NumPy library Pandas DataPrep , Pandas Profiling, SweetViz Matplotlib and Seaborn, bokeh libraries Data representation types: Scatters, pie, column diagram streamlit Data Story telling Training (hours): Data representation types: Scatters, pie, column diagram Data cleaning and completion Module 5 – Tablau BI and KPI (Hours) Lecture (hours): The ETL process Datawarehouse Datawarehouse design Snowflake and star OLAP BI 3 Layers: ETL, Analysis and Visualization KPI Dashboards Aggregative functions Reporting Tableau Training: Planning dashboard in Tableau Using different pivots to find insights Implementing ETL of 3 different data resources with Tableau Implementing visualization with Tableau Module 6 – extras – big data, ml and AI() ENROLL NOW! Unlock the power of data with our Data Analysis Program! Whether you're a beginner or looking to sharpen your skills, this is your chance to dive into the world of data. Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your career. Apply now and take the next step towards your future! APPLY NOW ABOUT HASOUB LABS Hasoub Labs is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs and fostering innovation within the Arab community. We offer a range of programs and resources to support startup growth and success. APPLESEEDS Our esteemed partner, Appleseeds, is renowned for its expertise in entrepreneurship and professional development. They provide comprehensive programs and mentorship to help individuals thrive in the business world. SUPPORTED BY PARTNERS CONTACT We’d love to hear from you! Whether you have a question, feedback, or just want to say hello, don’t hesitate to reach out! Contact

  • Hasoub Conference 2019 | Hasoub

    Hasoub. conference THE POWER OF NETWORK Register Now 1 NOVEMBER 2019 Cinematheque Umm al-Fahm Overview Building on from Hasoub’s activities over the past year, we are holding our 2nd annual conference this October! Bringing together Arab students, high-tech employees, entrepreneurs, businessmen and investors, we aim to showcase and leverage upon the power of network, so as to shape the future of tech-entrepreneurship in Arab society. ​​ ​ Hasoub Conference 2019 is not only Hasoub’s biggest event; it is also the biggest tech event in Arab society! The conference is expected to bring together over 500 participants. ​ The Conference is designed to not only create networking opportunities among like-minded peers, but to also provide help for students and early-stage entrepreneurs to access the tech & entrepreneurial ecosystem. SPEAKERS Main Stage Speakers Dr. Ami Appelbaum Alan Feld Eden Shochat Adham Ghazali Amani Abu Tair Mira Awwad Mahmoud Kinana Rony Friedman Nawa Jahshan Dr. Yoav Intrator Ahmad Mwassi Professional Track (Career Planning and Development) Speakers Fadi Elobra Ali Ayoub Mohammad Badran Daher Kaiss Assaf Schwartz Professional Track (Cross-Border Collaboration) Speakers Hazem Khattab Dr. Mahmoud Kaiyal Marwan Meqbil Sari Taha Professional Track (Entrepreneurship and Innovation) Speakers Fadi Swidan Kheir Abdel Razek Dr. Amnon Dekel Marta Mozes Liat Netanel Yair Sakov Agenda Professional Tracks 8:30 AM Registration Arrival and Registration 9:00 AM Professional Tracks Only for successfully registered participants 11:15 AM Networking Lunch ​ Opening of Recruitment Booths Main Stage 12:15 PM 1:00 PM 1:30 PM 1:45 PM Registration for Main Stage Opening Remarks Dr. Ami Appelbaum (Chairman of the Board, Israel Innovation Authority & Chief Scientist, Ministry of Economy and Industry) Sharing of Insights Professional Track (Entrepreneurship and Innovation) 1:50 PM Mr. Alan Feld (Founder and Managing Partner, Vintage Investment Partners) 2:05 PM Eden Shochat (Equal Partner, Aleph) 2:20 PM Mr. Adham Ghazali (CEO & Co-founder, Imagry) 2:30 PM Ms. Amani Abu Tair (Founder & CEO, WAZZA) 2:40 PM Sharing of Insights Professional Track (Cross-Border Collaboration) 2:45 PM We are One - The Power of Network 3:00 PM 3:30 PM 3:45 PM 4:00 PM 4:10 PM 4:20 PM 4:35 PM 4:55 PM Networking Break Sharing of Insights Professional Track (Career Planning and Development) Fireside Chat Mr. Rony Friedman (Manager, Apple Israel) Moderator : Ms. Nawa Jahshan (CEO, Co-Impact) Ms. Mira Awwad (CEO & Co-founder, Mirrori) Mr. Mahmoud Kinana (Co-founder, Forqan Smart Tech ) Fireside Chat Dr. Yoav Intrator (Head of Innovation and Technology Center in Israel, JPMorgan Chase) Moderator : Mr. Ahmad Mwassi (Manager of the Arab Community, Edmond De Rothschild Foundation) Hasoub Showcase: Campus Startup Cup Winners' Pitches (Coolit, MRS.BreastfeedinCare, Pitch It ) Closing Remarks Register Now recruitment booths MORNING TRACKS Hasoub Conference 2019 Professional Tracks, held before the Main Stage of the conference programme, are designed to bring members of the community together to discuss and tackle key challenges they might face. It provides a rare opportunity for participants to kickstart their networking and to have fruitful discussions with different partners in the Arab tech-entrepreneurship ecosystem. These Tracks will also end off with track participants giving a short sharing about the valuable insights generated, during the main conference itself. ​ With limited slots available, participants can choose to join the track they are most passionate about by indicating your interest in the Conference registration form below. Entrepreneurship and Innovation Cross-border Collaboration Career Planning and Development HOW TO GET THERE? SPONSORS Register Now 1 november 2019

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